Somewhere over the RainBOO {The Wishing Elephant x House Of Fete}

When Marissa and I were in the beginning stages of planning our RainBOO Halloween shoot we knew the kids HAD to wear The Wishing Elephant. We have been long time fans of their pullovers , t-shirts and more. The kids also wore TWE in our Back To School shoot.

We spoke to Carolyn at The Wishing Elephant about our concept and she began designing. We went back and forth a few times and when her final design came in our email, we called her immediately in AWE. Without seeing much of our inspiration she nailed the design and it was beyond perfect. Her design was now the center of the party and anything else created was inspired by these tiny ghosts.

The little ghosts going every which way, adorned with bats and a little bit of sparkle, lined up into the perfect rainbow and fades from blue to pink. We matched the ghosts from the design to appear on the menu, drink stirrers, and even custom cookies to really bring the design full circle. Each place setting on the rainbow table was adorned with a Wishing Elephant ghost.

The kids spent the shoot looking SO adorable running around in TWE, the boys wore their t-shirts and the girls wore their pullovers. We are so thrilled to have collaborated with TWE on such a unique and happy design. The best part? This collaborative design is available to EVERYONE! A little piece of the rainbow shoot can be yours when TWE Halloween launch goes live Friday, September 4th at 12 EST. Not only can you snag t-shirts and sweatshirts, you can get a limited adult pullover and my favorite, Trick or Treat bags!

This was such a special collab for us and we feel so honored to be the inspiration behind such a beautiful design by one of our favorite companies.

SHOP the collection Friday September 4th at 12 est

THANK YOU to The Wishing Elephant this was so much fun!



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