Modern Americana | 4th of July 2021

Fourth of July holds a special place for us at House Of Fete as it marks the anniversary of our first styled shoot as a company.  As with every shoot, we wait for something that inspires us to create.  This time it was a plate design from Rice and was the catalyst to our Modern Americana 4th of July Shoot. The simple stripe design was both Modern and Traditional without being overtly either.

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Spill the Tea {A Bridgerton Easter Brunch}

We were planning another party at the beginning of January and we had some time to kill. We stopped into a local antique shop and stumbled upon some amazing items. We found a set or mirrored name plates with tiny flowers and knew we had to have them. We then found a box of vintage handkerchiefs and an idea was born. A vintage inspired Easter tea party was in our future and we couldn’t wait to start planning. Being the time of year in California we wanted to shoot in the almond blossoms. We found Golden Ranch just outside of Tracy and it was the perfect location. 

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Parisian Midway | Happy Birthday Tristian

This was a real party, which made it extra special… Tristian’s party was really inspired by a Glitterville blimp and the images Marissa captured of carousels while on her trip to Paris.  Marissa really wanted to create that feeling you get when you see a circus or carnival inspired party but this time, merry the two, after all they are both similar. So of course Marissa got to work finding images and creating a mood board and color palette that had a vintage feel but incorporated our bright signature style, and we believe that we did.  

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Sealed with a KISS

We had so much fun planning this little Valentine photo shoot! Back in July when we were planning the back to school shoot, we talked about Hershey Kiss Party hats. It has always been a thought in my head, inspired by the Hershey Kiss Costume Kelsey’s mom made for her in the 90s. We put the idea in our back pockets and Valentines Day was the perfect time to bring them out!

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12 Days of Christmas

Better late than never right? We shot our Twelve Days of Christmas shoot in October, it has since been featured on Green Wedding Shoes (EEK) but we wanted to recap it here too, because honestly it was pure magic.

We held the shoot at a gazebo in Tracy, CA- it was truly about the table and balloons. We wanted to make sure it had a powerful overall impact and that the balloons could compete with the details of the table.

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