Modern Americana | 4th of July 2021

Fourth of July holds a special place for us at House Of Fete as it marks the anniversary of our first styled shoot as a company.  As with every shoot, we wait for something that inspires us to create.  This time it was a plate design from Rice and was the catalyst to our Modern Americana 4thContinue reading “Modern Americana | 4th of July 2021”

Spill the Tea {A Bridgerton Easter Brunch}

We were planning another party at the beginning of January and we had some time to kill. We stopped into a local antique shop and stumbled upon some amazing items. We found a set or mirrored name plates with tiny flowers and knew we had to have them. We then found a box of vintageContinue reading “Spill the Tea {A Bridgerton Easter Brunch}”

Parisian Midway | Happy Birthday Tristian

This was a real party, which made it extra special… Tristian’s party was really inspired by a Glitterville blimp and the images Marissa captured of carousels while on her trip to Paris.  Marissa really wanted to create that feeling you get when you see a circus or carnival inspired party but this time, merry theContinue reading “Parisian Midway | Happy Birthday Tristian”