RainBOO Halloween

Over the RainBOO

Our Halloween concept was really born a year ago when Marissa came up with idea of having children come out Cauldrons only the bubbles coming out were rainbow.  I mean a rainbow Halloween? What’s not to love! Marissa took the concept to Kelsey and in true form Kelsey began sketching.  As with all things we plan, it evolved quickly.

One of our key components would obviously be an amazing balloon wall, by Ms. Robin from Bijoux Balloons.  She did an amazing job executing our vision. With the ombre of each color and the slight touches of little eyes peeking out from here and there, seriously how prefect?  She layered in the sweetest bats from end to end which added texture as did the perfectly matching tassels dangling ever so beautifully.  And what about the balloons bubbling over the cauldrons?  Perfection.

The table had to make a statement.  We came up with a color blocking to match the balloon wall in rainbow order.  We dyed table runners to match each setting. Matching color story plates, napkins and cups all from of course Oh Happy Day Party Shop, and black coffins served as a coaster and cookie holder.  Each cup had a stir stick customized by Jenny of Design and Unwind.  It was a sweet little witches broom personalized with each of our littles names.  She also created the little ghost sticks located at each setting.  Finishing off the setting was a Little Blue Olive witch hat in again the same color story for each kiddo.

Individually we have always wanted to have a candy charcuterie skeleton board, what a perfect time to make it happen.  Keeping with the color blocking of the table settings we painted the Skeleton to match, we affectionately call her: Felecia.  A simple DIY that makes a bold statement; especially one that has 80 lbs of coordinating candy, provided by @sweetstreetdanville and meticulously arranged by the talented Nicole of Danville Cheese. Spooktacular. The kiddos sat on a broom bench adorned with rainbow dried florals from Busy Bee Florals (more to come on that, keep reading).

In our initial planning we where only going to have a bar cart, but with the ever evolving menu, we needed a bigger option.  Enter DIY #87309348.  We purchased an old dresser, sanded and painted it for this occasion.  Now that we had space for all the things, we went to town.  Kelsey suggested that we use cake stands to build and fill the space.  Between the both of us we owned each color of the rainbow, and then some, Hooray.  Each cake stand had either a drink or a treat it housed highlighted by the custom menu by Design and Unwind and a show stopping cake by Inez of Carmela Cakes.  Truly a Master piece never seen before.  She even added colored filling to each layer of the savory chocolate cake.  YUM! Topped with customized cake Bat Toppers with colored blocked ribbon detail by Katie of Fancy Free Finery.

With the addition of our dresser we knew we needed flowers to make an impact and fill the voided space. This time they wouldn’t be fresh, but dried flowers, in an array of colors.  We reached out to Jen of Busy Bee Floral.  Knowing that it was out of her comfort zone Jen was up for it and what she created was epic. Painting the dried beauties to her needs she was able to create something organic and uniquely hers while incorporating our aesthetic. Amazing.

We adorned the dresser with a black mirror, a custom SPOOKY sign by Adam and Cassandra of Against the Grain, gourds from Glitterville, Marissa’s painted skeletons, skulls blowing bubble gum, Macrons, Gummy Worm Beer, Champagne with “blood” and the most amazing Brie cake by again Ms. Nicole of Danville Cheese. We layered tiny bat garland by Pearl and Jane and sprinkled Studio Pep confetti everywhere.  However we had one finishing touch to add to the room, our disco ball we tucked in to the corner of the dresser, our signature. Voyla. Now this is a House of Fete Party.

No detail was left out even our invite by Itsy Bitsy Parties was a cauldron that said: I smell children.  It unfolded to have revel the bubbles in rainbow order.  Spooktakular. Or the pre-dripped candles that melted in rainbow colors and the poison apples of course rounded out the goodies on the dresser. I mean no one can say we aren’t all about the details .

Halloween may look different this year but we were determined to celebrate it no matter what.  The kids had an amazing time, eating all the treats having spooky cotton candy made by the Cotton Candy Girl, Ghostly Cookies by SugarChicDesign, playing peak a boo in the cauldrons, and just running around the table like all kids do.  They looked adorable with their customer designed shirts/pull overs from The Wishing Elephant + House of Fete. Waving their wands by Kiss you Kate, it was a magical day Captured by the talented Janea.

Thank you all so much for reading along, if you want more please visit our Instagram.  And thanks again to all of the lovely vendors find them below:

Concept @houseoffete

Photographer Janea Greene Creative

Venue Creative Space Studios

Party ware Oh Happy Day Party Shop

Balloons Bijoux Balloons

Fringe Glam Fete

Candy and charcuterie Danville Cheese

Florals Busy Bee’s Floral

Acrylic stir sticks and Menu Design and Unwind

Pullovers The Wishing Elephant x @house.of.fete

Spooky sign Against The Grain

Cake Caramela Cakes

Cake toppers Fancy Free Finery

Invitation Itsy Bitsy Parties

Garlands Pearl and Jane

Tutus Lamb And Cat

Ghost Cookies Sugar Chic Design

Cotton Candy The Cotton Candy Girl

Candy Sweet Street Danville

Witch hats Little Blue Olive

Bat wands Kiss You co

Confetti Shop Studio Pep

HOF and Boo Cookies @thesugarbug

Bubble Gum Skulls inspired by Fete Gazette for Handmade Charlotte

Written by Marissa!



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