Somewhere over the RainBOO {The Wishing Elephant x House Of Fete}

When Marissa and I were in the beginning stages of planning our RainBOO Halloween shoot we knew the kids HAD to wear The Wishing Elephant. We have been long time fans of their pullovers , t-shirts and more. The kids also wore TWE in our Back To School shoot.

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RainBOO Halloween

Over the RainBOO

Our Halloween concept was really born a year ago when Marissa came up with idea of having children come out Cauldrons only the bubbles coming out were rainbow.  I mean a rainbow Halloween? What’s not to love! Marissa took the concept to Kelsey and in true form Kelsey began sketching.  As with all things we plan, it evolved quickly.

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Back To School

We have been planning a shoot for Back to School since June and we were so excited to have this be our first shoot under the House Of Fete name.

We were inspired by the nostalgia and simplicity of school supplies. You know the vibrant pink erasers, the old green chalkboards, lockers, the no.2 pencil, the list continues. I had done a very SMALL table scape last year and I wanted to take that concept further.

We took the elements of back to school and translated them into large installations, place settings and even party hats. We thought about every detail and we are so excited to share them with you:

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Fourth Of July Shoot

Where it all began.

Marissa had a concept for a Fourth of July shoot. We started talking through ideas and products she had for the shoot. Together we chose to add teal into the classic Red, White & Blue- inspired by Oh Happy Day plates and napkins. From there the theme flourished into a modern take on the 4th.

We held the shoot at Creative Space Studios and that is when Marissa called me join her and help her style it. I was thrilled and packed my bag with garlands, disco balls and confetti.

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